David Brown

David Brown

Keller Williams Preferred Properties
9701 Apollo Dr. Ste 102
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Completing a real estate transaction many times is like a long twisting trek through a thick jungle. David Brown is your best tour guide to get you through the many obstacles you may encounter along the way. His experience of 34 years as a corporate problem solver manager benefits you by making your journey through the jungle less scary.
With the economy still being uncertain David Brown is the Realtor you need.  Whether you’re interested in buying or selling, this is the Realtor who can make it happen for you. To be successful in the real estate industry today, it takes a unique kind of talent. It takes that unique person to also help make the experience positive. Today’s market requires an agent that is creative and adaptable.  Since David Brown is that kind of person, call him today and experience that unique and personal experience.
David Brown is someone who takes pride in being straightforward and most importantly, honest. David Brown realizes that you need to know the facts about your real estate choices.  You need to know your pros and cons, and not get a bunch of hype. With David Brown your questions will be answered honestly and that is the best way of achieving success.

David Brown believes that the key to all great relationships with clientele involves a level of integrity. By being honest and understanding, David Brown really cares about your family’s needs and will help you get the most out of your investment. David Brown gives honest answers even if the best option is not to buy or sell your property. That is one of the many reasons David Brown has so many satisfied clients.